Talk Show: Studying in Malaysia – Six Youth Share Their Experience

For the first time ever, the Khoja Shia Ithna Asheri youth presently studying in Malaysia organized a Talk Show at Al-Mawaddat Centre to share their studying experience with the members of our community especially the youth. Watch the Talk Show today on Al-Mawaddat Video Channel.

Six youth, including three boys and three girls, speak about their experience living and studying in Malaysia, several thousand kilometers away from their home country. They discuss how living abroad has personally changed them and even offer advise to the youth intending to pursue their tertiary education abroad.

The youth selected for the Talk Show represented three nationalities – Kenya, Madagascar and Tanzania and are from various educational backgrounds including Accounting, Business, Creative Multimedia, Engineering and Law. We hear from some who are in the final year, some half way through, and some who are in their first year.

The Talk Show provides an insight about Malaysian Education and life in Malaysia. This will assist the youth of our community intending to pursue tertiary education abroad in their selection process. Click on the following link to watch the Talk Show.

Talk Show: Studying in Malaysia – Six Youth Share Their Experience

The Talk Show Participants:

  1. Aaliya Salim Alimohamed, Tanzania
  2. Aiman Murtaza Remtullah, Tanzania
  3. Farhan Murtazali Kassamali, Kenya
  4. Imran Ilyas Amarsy, Madagascar
  5. Sajjad Hussein Abbas Sajan, Tanzania
  6. Siddika Mohamedraza Dossa, Tanzania

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