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World Federation President visits KSI Students in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, 6th January 2008

The President of the World Federation of the Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri Muslim Communities, Dr. Ahmed Hassam, made his first official visit to the Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri Student Association Malaysia (KSISAM) in Kuala Lumpur with his family on 6th of January 2008. His visit was in conjunction with the Eid-e-Mubahila gathering that witnessed a participation of more than 50 people including students and visitors.

WF Presidents visits KSISAM

Dr. Ahmed Hassam shared the progresses made and the achievements of the World Federation since the last conference held in Dubai just under 2 years ago. And among the most important milestones achieved was the successful implementation of the strategic plan that saw the World Federation planning 3-5 years ahead for the development of the community including the micro-financing for small business and the Mubaligheen Training Programme. Dr. Ahmed Hassam related the foundation of the strategic planning that involved the extent of going back to the community members and asking them what they wanted from the community leaders.

"Another very important milestone that was achieved by the World Federation was the acquisition of the NGO status with Social and Economic Council at the United Nations", he added, elaborating from the vision of the Late Mulla Asghar to the processes involved and compliance of the policies and requirments for the NGO status acquisition. He mentioned that after a series of negotiations, the World Federation acquired the NGO status without having to amend any of its key functions as follows:

Promoting of the Islamic Faith
Eradication of Poverty
Encouraging Education

Dr. Ahmed Hassam then briefly explained the Mubaligheen Training Programme (MTP) that was initiated by the World Federation and is coordinated by the Br. Jaffer Dharamsi who is scheduled to visit KSISAM in about 3-4 weeks time to deliberate on the MTP. The MTP is one of the objectives of the strategic plan that encourges the youths of our community to pursue an intensive four-year post graduate programme in Damascus and acquire the knowledge of the Islam Faith in particular detail and at the same time develop a series of skills including public-speaking, leadership, conflict resolution, etc.

After a round of question-answer session, Dr. Ahmed Hassam, invited the leaders of KSISAM to conferences held by the World Federation and offered a seat at the Executive Council. After a vote of thanks, Dr. Ahmed Hassam was presented with a token of appreciation by the Chairman of the KSISAM, Br. Mohamed Kumail Kassam.

WF President visits KSISAM


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