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Al-Mawaddat Centre Ladies Section Celebrate Mother's Day

The Wiladat of Sayyida Fatima Zahra ('a) is also celebrated as a true Mother's day as the Holy Lady ('a) is the most wonderful role model for all the mothers in the world. The ladies section took this opprtunity to wish Saida aunty, the co-convenor of Al-Mawaddat Centre a "Happy Mother' Day", presenting her with a token of appreciation as a mother of the Al-Mawaddat Centre community.

Bibi Syed Fatima Abbas Rizvi presented the token on behalf of the ladies community after expressing how Saida aunty has been a mother to the community here. Saida aunty was overwhelmed with all the love and affection that she received from the ladies.


She says, "I am very touched that in one day, I became a mother of the whole community. I wish to thank you all for the love and respect. This is indeed the blessing from the Almighty Allah (swt) through the imambargah. I will never forget this moment in my life. We should always remember each other in our duas."

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