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Green Island Online Teaching

GIOT (Green Island Online Teaching - onlineteachings.greenislandtrust.org), a child chapter of “Green Island Trust” came into operations in February 2012. Green Island Trust, the parent body has different sections working under its wings namely: “Green Island Foundation School –GIFS”, “Green Island Youth Forum - GIYF”,  “Green Island Publications - GIP”,  “Green Island Developmental & Educational Services - GIDES”,  “Green Island Women Wing - GIWW” and of course “Green Island Online Teaching - GIOT”.

In 2009, the Trust saw the addition of the above mentioned concern GIDES (Green Island Developmental & Educational Services) which now also includes a Computer Lab. A team of dedicated Ulema and technicians remain ever prepared to fulfill our dream of spreading the rivers of knowledge sans frontiers.  During personal visits of our management to different Muslim and Non-Muslim countries and interacting with overseas Momineen, it was very well realized that dire need exists of teaching "The Holy Quran, Islamic teachings and different languages" to varied age groups  of momineen and mominaat, spread across the globe.

Keeping up with our mission of trying to provide the best quality service in available resources, a comprehensive IT Center was established to provide the medium for reaching out, delivering and storing of day to day affairs of Teaching to our offshore Momineen.

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Online Teaching Program
The course has been laid out with special care and emphasis is given to fulfill the exact needs of our Momineen living abroad. It is so designed to suit across-the-board: school going children, working professionals, as well as parents and grand parents staying at home The course will make the student feel learning it all in his/her home country and in home environment.

The course is easy to use and friendly where a novice person can also initiate the session without any external help. A computer with internet connection, a microphone and a headset is all that is needed.

Being a not for profit organization, GIOT charges a nominal fee for this course to meet the day to day expenses of IT Lab and remuneration for the teachers.
The GIOT Team earnestly hopea that momineen will benefit from this facility and not only save time, money and energy but above all, bring improvement in worldly life and hereafter for themselves and the society.
Talibe Dua
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