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“Catholic priest urges European Christians to fight off Islam by having babies”.

The above statement is a powerful statement said by a priest in a church. Why would a priest target Islam and why not any other religion?

Today the west have a different version of what Islam is all about.  Due to unfortunate incidents that have been happening around the world by our fellow Muslims in the name of jihad, it has created a barrier for others to see what Islam actually is about. Again, to contradict this, we have a vast number of people who have been converting to Islam. Then why the Islamophobia? 

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Peter Gottschalk and Gabriel Greenberg in their book titled 'Islamophobia: Making Muslims the Enemy' talks about his survey he did in America on Islam. He asked civilians to write on a paper what words come to their mind when they first hear about Islam and everyone associated Islam with 9/11, Palestine other terrorist attack around the world. Surprisingly, no one remembered the good aspect of Islam such as Mohammed Ali (the boxer), Mecca, pilgrimage. When asked why the answered this way, the Americans said that Muslims and Islam feature prominently in many of the world’s conflicts and injustices. We can’t blame the Americans because their answers are based on what their media portrays to them about Islam and Muslims.

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib ('a) has said, “Our enemies are not the Jews or the Christians but our enemy is our own ignorance”. The quote above is very supportive of the recent happenings. We are ignorant of the power of our own religion then how can we blame others for viewing Islam as it is? We are ignorant of our religion and do not want to take the pain to spread our religion in a positive way.

People around have become so fearful of the religion Islam that one of the priests even tried burning the Quran in order to show people that Islam is not a good religion.  Allahu Akber! Surely Allah is Great! An individual took the Quran away just before the priest tried to burn it. Alhamdulillah!

Another battle going on around in US is regarding whether or not to build a mosque near ground zero. Thousands of Americans protested the establishment of the mosque. Reasons given are that after what “some Muslims” decided to do referring to 9/11 they have no right to build a mosque. Why punish a whole society for the deeds of a few people?

Everyone should have the freedom of expressing his or her religion. Whether it’s Muslims, Christians, Jews or Hindus. No one should be prevented from practicing their faith, as they want. We all believe in the power of God. We all worship Him and surely will return to Him. If we all unite then this world will be a better place to live. Whenever someone approaches us about our religion we should always be positive and not aggressive. Even if a person comes up to us and tell us that you are terrorist or your religion is a bag of killers. We should respond by explaining him and not fighting back. When we fight back we are showing them hostility. Act from your brain and not your emotions.

We should always respect all religions and never look down upon them. Promote your religion positively and not inversely. Educate people in your religion instead of fighting with them. Give them facts, show them evidences. No one will believe what we have to say without any evidence. The Holy Quran is the biggest living evidence we have today. We need to make use of it and understand it. If we don’t know what the Holy Quran has to say, we can't explain anything to anyone.

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