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MTP & ICC Presentation by Alhaj Jaffer Dharamsi

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 17th February 2008

The Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri Students at Malaysia had the privilege of having Alhaj Jaffer Dharamsi in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia who traveled thousand of miles from the United Kingdom to conduct two presentations, currently coordinated by him at the World Federation of KSIMC, on Sunday, 17 February 2008. The programme, held in conjunction with commemoration of wafat of Imam Hasan (A.S) and Bibi Sakina (A.S), and Thirtieth of Shahadat of Imam Hussein (A.S), ran as a full day programme from 10am to 5pm.


Alhaj Jaffer Dharamsi, after the opening remarks by the Chairman of KSISAM, Br. Mohamed Kumail Kassam, began his first presentation on the Muballigheen Training Programme witnessed by a student participation of more than forty students including boys and girls. His presentation highlighted the foundation of the initiative of establishing the Islamic Institute for Postgraduate Services which primarily involved on conducting a survey at the 126 jamaats registered with the World Federation. The survey revealed the missing link between today’s youth and the Islamic Knowledge is a ‘Muballigh’ who is able to communicate at a level synonymous with the community’s largest age-group – the youths.



The key facts about MTP presented were on the requisites, programme structures, the Damascus as the chosen location for the programme, the affiliation with Winchester University, competencies expected to be achieved by the students, cost involved and method of finances. Alhaj Jaffer also reflected the plans of the World Federation of developing a full-fledge institution complete with accommodation and research facilities for this purpose. As at date, he added, the World Federation has planned an expenditure of US Dollars 3 Million of which USD 500 thousand has already been expended to purchase a piece of land between Damascus city centre and the airport.

The presentation also incorporated a video showing two couples undertaking the lectures and tutorials in Arabic. The five minute video was filmed only a month ago in Damascus, he added. The presentation concluded with a very promising feedback, questions and recommendations from the students. Each and every student present voiced out their opinion towards the programme commending World Federation’s initiative of conducting such programmes to inspire the youths of today and tomorrow who are diverting to the western culture with dominating western influence through various media. Various questions too were raised and clarified during the Q&A Session.


During the half-an-hour session after the first presentation and before the Zohrain Namaaz, recitations of Hadith-e-Kisa, Marasiya and Nauha in commemoration of Imam Hasan (A.S) and Bibi Sakina (A.S), and Sure Yasin for the ithaale Thawab of Marhum Haji Mohamedhusein bhai Rajabali Kassam, grandfather to two of the student members, were conducted.

After Zohrain Namaaz and Niyaz, Alhaj Jaffer conducted his second presentation on the Islamic Calendar Calculation. His presentation began with the Ayat of the Qurana and Ruling of the Marja-e-Taqlid Ayatullah Sayid Ali Hussein Ali Seestani concerning moon sighting. The concise presentation, yet informative, created great interest among the youths as his presentation incorporated astronomical facts and figures. At first, he explained the criteria that has been established to reasonably sight a moon with the naked eye. Using motion illustration, student well understood the concept and took advantage of the example he gave for Kuala Lumpur’s Ramadhan and Shawal 1429 moon sighting. 

He suggested KSISAM to establish a group of three to conduct moon sighting every month based on astronomical facts and figures that he could provide for all the months in the Islamic Calendar. KSISAM welcomed the suggestion and informed that this would be arranged. A round of question-answer was then conducted. 


KSISAM wishes to thank Alhaj Jaffer Dharamsi traveling all the way from the United Kingdom to enlighten the students with the knowledge and experience on various facts and figures pertaining to both presentations. We pray to Allah (S.W.T) to bless him with His bounties in this world and hereafter.


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