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Muharram 1429 in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, 21 January 2008

The Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri Student Association Malaysia (KSISAM) organised the Muharram 1429 Azadari programme for the first 12 days in Kuala Lumpur. The gatherings were held on the 1st day and from the 7th night to the Ziyarat Majlis. Despite the distance and the commitments at the institutions, students traveled all over to Kuala Lumpur from their respective institutions some of which are located more than 30-50 km away from the city.

With the absence of any scholar to conduct the majalis, the students had the priviledge to watch lectures of Brother Hassanain Rajabali, Syed Jawad Qazwini, Syed Mohamed Naqvi and Syed Amaar Nakshawani on DVD's and presented on projector for the gents and television for the ladies. The scholars inspired the students on various subjects that are applicable in today's world and how the principles were derived from the teachings of the tragedy of Karbala.


Students participated in great numbers with Ashura day achieving participation of 55, the heighest ever including a handful of visitors from Tanzania - a family of six who sent their two sons to pursue their tertiary educaiton in Malaysia - and a visitor from UK. With the exception of the lectures, all other recitals were performed with enthusiasm by the students from marasiya and nauha recitations to Ziyarats, Namaaz-e-Jamaat and the full Amaals of Ashura.


With determination, the students ensured that the programs ran as scheduled and many stood up to volunteer the preparation and serving of the Tabaruk and Niyaz and thereafter cleaning up the place before returning to their institutions.

Funding for the Niyaz and Tabaruk were heartfully contributed by many families while there was also increase in the facilities including the a Deep Freezer, Airconditioning in the Girls section and a Vaccum Cleaner. Benefactors for both Niyaz and facilities are as follows:

The family of Inayatali Badouraly, Reunion
Murtaza Remtullah, Tanzania
Captain Hasnain Kassam, Tanzania
Jabir Jaffer, Tanzania
Bande Khuda
Various students of KSISAM

The committee of the KSISAM expresses its sincere gratitude and appreciation to all benefactors for their contributions made towards the noble cause and pray for their prosperity in this world and in the Akhirat. Ameen.

The event for Ashura day began with the Amaale-e-Ashura from 10.00am and were conducted by Br. Mohamed Kumail Kassam, Br. Mahmoud Sheriff, Br. Zuheir Hassan Jaffer and Br. Mohd Jawad Dungersi. The Amaal lasted for two and half hours and was followed by a short lecture by Syed Amaar Nakhshawani played on DVD. Namaaz-e-Jamaat was then conducted headed by Br. Mahmoud Sheriff, a Yemeni formerly student and now working in Malaysia. The marasiya followed suit afterwhich masaib, conducted by Syed Mohd Naqvi in urdu language was played from DVD. Matam was conducted with a strong zeal suggesting the ever-lasting impact of the tragedy of Karbala since 61AH. Niyaz was then served afterwhich the students dispersed and returned from Shame-Ghariba. 

Like every other night, the evening began with the Hadith-e-Kisa, marasiya and thereafter a lecture conducted by Brother Hassanain Rajabali played on DVD. Matam followed suit and it was soon the end of the program afterwhich Tabaruk was served.


This Muharram also witnessed the first ever fund raising programme that took place between 8th and 12th Muharram. The fund raising was conducted to gather funds for contribution to displaced victims of the recent violence in Kenya. 

Students and visitors contributed RM 850 while RM 340 was received as Sadaqa. The total amount of RM 1,190 (equivalent to KSH 25,000) was arranged for remittance to a family in Kenya that willingly assisted KSISAM to make the distribution.

KSISAM wishes to thank all voluteers, both boys and girls, who played their role in the preparation of the programme from beginning to end. May Allah bless all of you with strength to continue to serve in the way of Allah (S.W.T).


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