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best smallAli Salim Alimohamed (left), a Tanzanian student in the Help Matriculation Centre (HMC) has been awarded the Highest Student Achiever for the year 2008 in Diploma year 1. Furthermore, Ali has also been awarded by the Business Department for scoring the highest marks in the year 2009 for Diploma year 2. Ali is currently studying in Malaysia and intends to further his studies in the field of Accounting and Finance.

BPSA News Release, 14 April 2009

On Tuesday April 14th 2009 Aliya Turk, 3rd year at De Montfort University (Leicester), was announced as the winner of the Reckitt Benckiser student of the year award. Matthew Crum, 3rd year at Sunderland University, was named runner-up at the finals, reception and prize-giving ceremony held at Atlantic Tower, Liverpool.

A partial lunar eclipse will take place on 4 June 2012. The Moon will be about one third covered by the Earth's umbral shadow at maximum eclipse. The portion of the moon within the penumbral shadow will be significantly dimmed. The portion of the moon inside the umbral shadow will only be illuminated by sunlight refracted through the Earth's atmosphere, thus much dimmer, and having a reddish hue.

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