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GIOT (Green Island Online Teaching - onlineteachings.greenislandtrust.org), a child chapter of “Green Island Trust” came into operations in February 2012. Green Island Trust, the parent body has different sections working under its wings namely: “Green Island Foundation School –GIFS”, “Green Island Youth Forum - GIYF”,  “Green Island Publications - GIP”,  “Green Island Developmental & Educational Services - GIDES”,  “Green Island Women Wing - GIWW” and of course “Green Island Online Teaching - GIOT”.

“Catholic priest urges European Christians to fight off Islam by having babies”.

The above statement is a powerful statement said by a priest in a church. Why would a priest target Islam and why not any other religion?

Today the west have a different version of what Islam is all about.  Due to unfortunate incidents that have been happening around the world by our fellow Muslims in the name of jihad, it has created a barrier for others to see what Islam actually is about. Again, to contradict this, we have a vast number of people who have been converting to Islam. Then why the Islamophobia? 

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