All international students studying at public or private higher educational institutions are allowed to work part-time with effect from 15 February 2005.

Conditions for part-time work

Students are allowed to work part-time for a maximum of 20 hours per week only during semester breaks or holidays of more than 7 days; in Restaurants, Petrol Kiosks, Mini Markets and Hotels as long as the Student Pass remains valid. Students are not permitted to work as a cashier. In addition, in the hotel sector, students are not allowed to work as singer, masseur, musician, GRO and other activities deemed to be immoral. Application to work part-time must be made through the educational institution in which the student is studying. The student needs to be present with the educational institution representative at the Immigration Department when submitting the application.


Procedure 1: To apply for a student pass for the pursuit of studies in Malaysia. 

The process to apply for a student pass is simple. The Malaysian educational institutions of higher learning which offer international students a place to study at their institutions will apply for the Student Pass on your behalf in Malaysia. Applications will be submitted by the educational institutions to the Director of Pass & Permit Division, Malaysia Immigration Department Headquarters in Kuala Lumpur.

Students do not need to apply directly to the Immigration Department under this procedure. The prospective students will be informed of their application status by the Immigration Department in Malaysia through their educational institutions within seven (7) days of the application, irrespective of whether it has been successful or not. Therefore, students are not required to apply for a visa/student pass from the Malaysian Embassy/consulate office abroad before proceeding to Malaysia.

The educational institutions which enroll the students are responsible to make the necessary arrangement pertaining to immigration matters. All applications, processing, approval and issuance of the Student Passes and Visas for prospective foreign students are done in Malaysia.

Documents required for the application of a student pass

The Malaysian educational institutions are required to submit the following documents to the Malaysian Immigration Department Headquarters in Kuala Lumpur in order to apply for the student pass for students who intend to study at institutions of higher learning in Malaysia. The Immigration Department requires seven (7) days to process the application. The documents are as follows:

  • An offer letter or letter of acceptance from the educational institution to the student
  • Student Pass Application Form (IMM14) in duplicate
  • Two photocopies of the students Passport/Travel Document
  • Two passport-sized photographs of the student
  • The educational institution is required to sign a Personal Bond prescribed under Regulation 18 of the 
    Immigration Regulations 1963. No fees will be charged for the Personal Bond

Procedure 2: Arriving in Malaysia - at the Malaysian immigration check-point

Upon arrival at the airport in Malaysia, students have to show their Student Pass approval letter at the immigration check-point. A Special Pass will be issued to refer the student to the respective State Immigration Department for issuance of the Student Pass. A visa will also be issued to the student at the entry point in the form of an endorsement on the students valid national Passport.

The Educational institutions representative will be at the immigration check-point to receive and attend to the student. After the immigration clearance, the representative will be responsible to transfer the student to the educational institution for reporting of attendance.

Procedure 3: Issuance of student pass to students

Students will be issued a Special Pass valid for 14 days at the Immigration check-point. Within two weeks of their arrival, the educational institution is required to submit the students passports to the State Immigration Department to enable Student Pass stickers to be affixed. The fee for a Student Pass is RM60.00 a year (or part of a year) while a visa fee ranges from RM6.50 to RM100.00 depending on the countries the students come from. All payments of fees, issuance of Student Passes and Visas as well as renewal of Student Passes can be done at the relevant State Immigration Departments.



Malaysia has grown tremendously over the years since her independence on 31 August 1957. Malaysia has experienced a steady economic progression and rapid infrastructural development of which Malaysians are truly 
proud of.

The Malaysian educational sector has always been responsive to the nation’s developing needs. In fact, Malaysia 
has a market-sensitive Higher Education System which takes up the challenges of globalization by changing not only the content of curriculum and programmes but also more importantly their delivery systems.

Local Information

Study Entry Level
Depending on the entry level you are planning for such as primary, secondary, diploma, post diploma, graduate or 
post graduate, Malaysia offers you a wide array of opportunities.

Profile Of The School/College/University
Before selecting the place of study, it is important for you to be equipped with the knowledge of the profile of the institution of learning.

There is a variety of programmes / courses to select from, depending on what entry level you are looking at. It is 
important that you select the correct institution for the programme/ course you are planning to register for.

It is important to look out for various facilities which are required to support students in their course of study, such as comfortable lecture halls / class rooms, well equipped laboratories, library with sufficient updated books for research, computer and/or multimedia facilities, gymnasium and canteen/cafe.

Student Services and Activities
In case you place emphasis in the area of student services and activities to ensure that students’ social and extra-
curricular needs are not neglected, remember to look out for institutions which cater for this area too.

Preparing For Studies In Malaysia
Moving abroad to a new place to study requires considerable preparation – and not just for the course and institution.

Some points to consider:

It is important for international students to note that they are only allowed to study in higher educational institutions 
which the:

  • Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia grants approvals to such institutions to conduct courses of study, and
  • Ministry of Home Affairs Malaysia grants approvals to such institutions to recruit international students.



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