Experience Studying in Malaysia


Let me just write something brief about my experience in Malaysia. I started my studies at Nottingham University Malaysia Campus on September 2006. Getting to this stage itself was a process, as many who read this brief account would know, looking for that perfect University; which may just determine your career and ultimately your life, is no easy task. I knew that most of my colleagues would opt for a British University due to the psychology that "they are better..."

As for me I wanted to test everything. I was not unaware of the weight given to a British degree, but I also knew that this same degree could be obtained else where. Thus, the option of obtaining a UK degree from Malaysia attracted my attention.

Once there I was confronted with a new environment and a new culture. But this was overcome quite quickly due to the number of friendly Pakistanis and Indians who were present. I was always in contact with the Qasam family who had set up a network for students, which has now evolved much since I left; infact I am given to understand that the new center they have officially established withholds a wonderful environment for the students.

In keeping this as brief as possible, I found the life in Malaysia not very different from the life in East Africa, except for the improvement in facilities and infrastructure. The expense was minimal compared to the UK and the achievements for me were the same; if not even better. As for the religious environment, I enjoyed going to the community gatherings whenever they were held, and it kept me in touch with the "community life" we take so much for granted.

In all, I enjoyed my experience in Malaysia, from making friends of various cultures, to spending hours studying in high-tech British facilities. I can't talk for those studying in colleges, but from what I have heard, they don't have any regrets either. I am now a successful young Manager at a large national company and feel that I have missed nothing at all by choosing Malaysia over UK, rather I feel I have gained a lot.