Malaysian Education - My Experience

The importance of education has never been disputed for the whole world revolves around the know-how of processes. Higher education today has become an absolute fundamental that has to be achieved for mere survival, let alone success. However, the importance of acquiring education is one thing, the means to acquire education quite another.

As I was looking to embark on my higher education journey, Canada, the US and the UK took top priorities. Joining the so called "big universities" was acertain aspiration. However, the fact that my A-Level results – in Dar es salaam, Tanzania – failed to meet my expectations, I had to revise my options. These "big universities" wouldn't accept my application. There may have been scores of factors that may have led to my not-so-good performance in the A-Levels National Exams. Willing to put it behind me, I began looking at Universities that shall accept me based on my year-end school exams in which I had performed very well. Malaysian Education was introduced to me. And with a first-class quality promise, it was arduous to disregard.

World economy is booming. The West, once the economic superpowers, may play second fiddle in the years to come. Asia – The East – are emerging as the big players in the world economy. With this trend, Asian countries have ensured the provision of high quality education that is an absolute essential in their drive towards economic, political and social excellence. Malaysia, in the South East of Asia, is one of the most culturally diversified countries in the world. Having made a successful venture into transforming itself into a Knowledge-based economy, Malaysia has become one of the economic power houses in the South East Asian region.

Education in the "Western World" is costly. Universities there understand this fact and thus decide on providing their degrees at other low-cost countries to ensure increased affordability. Malaysia has attracted numerous universities which offer twinning programs in collaboration with the local institutions. Malaysian education has given a breakthrough to students wishing to achieve higher education but face financial constraints. Malaysia provides high quality cost-effective educational prospects to students aspiring to go for higher education.

Limkokwing University of Creative Technology (LUCT), located in Cyberjaya – Malaysia's Intelligent City – provides highly competitive programs in various fields such as Architecture, Business, Information Technology, Graphics Design, Communications, etc. LUCT, recently awarded a full university status, commits itself to high quality and competitive programs embedded in an ultramodern environment that it believes is essential in bringing out the best in its students.

I have since finished my first year at LUCT pursuing a Bachelors of Business (Hons.) in International Business. Globalization has had a massive impact on world businesses. With increased integration of political, social and economic elements of countries, businesses have had increased competition and the motive of survival has become an increased priority, accomplishment of which will inculcate the motive of profitability. Such a trend was an important factor in my decision to pursue International Business which focuses on conducting business globally. It blends the significance of competent management with the need for global expansion thus entailing basic business concepts. 

This program gives a student a conceptualized business management competence that will hold him/her in good stead with any form of business operations, local or global. LUCT provides a range of degrees – some with its global partner universities as twinning programs – which give students the latest related concepts blended with the latest technology to ensure a smooth entry into the working world. My International Business degree is a local one which is moderated by the university's global partners to envisage assurance of the highest quality. Studying in Malaysia has been an exhilarating experience merging competitive academics with leisured excitement. Furthermore, it provides a highly cost-effective educational option which may ease financial burdens to parents. Having completed my first year, I have realized that the total cost of studying here is about one-third of that in the UK and about half of that in the US.

Malaysia provides a great opportunity to attain educational benchmarks at exceptionally reasonable costs. This amount to significant savings and taking into consideration a non-compromised quality of education, Malaysian Education may prove to be difficult to ignore. I shall be glad to assist anyone who intends to pursue his/her further education in Malaysia. Moreover, students wishing to study at Limkokwing University can contact me as well and I shall be happy to provide to all the information you require regarding the university and its programs. I can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Mohamed Hassan Rajani

Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Bachelor of Business (Hons.) in International Business