My Experience in Malaysia and 'EEE'


Salamun Alaykum.

The main purpose of this article is to give a brief description to my brothers and sisters of our community about the engineering field in particular the Electronic and Electrical Engineering field, commonly referred to as "EEE"

Before I begin I would like to give a brief introduction about myself and the lifestyle of Malaysia. My name is Mohamedhusein Molu and I am pursuing the above mentioned course at Stamford College, Malaysia. I have been in Malaysia for the past two years now. Malaysia is an ideal locations for higher education as it offers degrees from the UK at less then 50% costs compared to that of the UK. Not only does cost matter when choosing a location for higher education, though cost is at the top of the list for any undergraduate student. Other factors include availability of food, accommodation, lifestyle, and jamaat. Well in Malaysia we unfortunately do not have a jamaat however we do have a student association called the Khoja Shia Ithna-asheri Student Association Malaysia (KSISAM) which is run by the students and our advisors are Uncle Hussein Kassam and Aunty Saida Kassam. The Kassam family is the only family in Malaysia from our Khoja community and all majalis are conducted year round at their residence in the heart  of Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur.

The food in Malaysia is typical Asian food with right mix of spice just the way we like it. Malaysia has quite a number of tourist attractions and as part of the KSISAM antennary we normally arrange trips for students to relax after a long year. The accommodations in Malaysia are either on-campus or off-campus. Off campus accommodation involves living in apartments with others. Some of our brothers stay together in such apartments where they share the 2-3 bedroom apartments.

In today's world there is no question of the importance of higher education simply because it gives us more opportunities. As opposed to generations of the past, high school graduates today are unable to obtain the number of high-paying jobs that were once available. The economic markets of the world have been transformed from a manufacturing-based economy to an economy based on knowledge, and the importance of higher education today can not be compared to that of a high school education forty years ago. Not only does it serve as a gateway to better options and more opportunity.There are additional reasons as to why it is important to go for higher education. When students experience a post secondary education, they have the opportunity to read books and listen to the lectures of top experts in their fields. This stimulation encourages students to think, ask questions, and explore new ideas, which allows for additional growth and development and provides graduates with an edge in the job market over those who have not experienced a higher education.

So what is Electronic and Electrical Engineering?

Electrical and Electronics Engineers are concerned with design, development, manufacture and testing of electrical and electronic components, products, and systems for commercial, industrial, medical, military, and scientific purposes.

Electrical and Electronics Engineers may:

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With duas'

Mohamedhusein Molu.