KSI History in Malaysia


This article presents the recent known history of the KSI community in Malaysia. Dating back to 2001, two youth from Kenya, namely Mohamed Kumail Hussein Kassam and Naushad Mohamed Kermali came to Malaysia to pursue their tertiary education in Nilai. Several months later, the family of Alhaj Hussein Kassam (Mohamed Kumai's father), migrated from Kenya to settle in Kuala Lumpur. 

More youth from the East African KSI community began to see the prospect of Tertiary Education in Malaysia and enrolled into Malaysian Tertiary Institutions some pursuing twinning programmes allowing them to complete their final year in reknowned universities in UK, US or Australia. The cost-effective, yet good quality education, was the primary factor for youth choosing Malaysia.

In 2002, when there were approximately 5 students, the family of Alhaj Hussein Kassam, in the absence of any jamaat, imam bargah or Islamic centre, took the initiative to organise gatherings celebrating/commemorating Islamic events at their residence. 

Student numbers grew until they topped 30 in 2006 after the Africa Federation Education Board began promoting Malaysia as an adequate educational destination. Seating space at their residence was not sufficient and hence in 2007, thanks to various well wishers from our community, the family of Alhaj Hussein acquired another apartment solely for the purpose of congregating the religious events. 

It was officially opened on Eid-ul-Fitr 1429 and was named Al-Mawaddat Centre, inspired by the ayat of the Holy Quran in Surah Shura in which Allah (swt) tells the Rasulallah (saw): "Qul, la asalakum alayhi ajran illal mawaddata fil qurba", "Say: I ask no reward except that you love the near kin" the near kin that is the Ahlul Bayt (asws).

The seed that was sown by those youth today has reaped a great yield. In 1431 (2009), Al-Mawaddat Centre was moved to a two-storey building and is patronised today by not only students but even the indo-pakistani community here in Kuala Lumpur. Supervised under the authority of Alhaj Hussein, all events are managed by the youth.

Business and Social Visitors of our community now have a Centre where they can participate while on business or holiday here in Kuala Lumpur. 
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