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Al-Mawaddat Centre, Kuala Lumpur wishes the entire muslim community Eid Mubarak on the auspicious occassion of the Eid al-Ghadeer. On this day, we present you with a transformed website and there was no better day than to launch it on Eid al-Ghadeer. According to statistics, over 60% of the websites are accessed on smartphones. While the previous look was modern and with easy navigation for desktop users, there was alot of opportunity for mobile adaptability.

"Ramadan is the (month) in which the Quran was sent down, as a guide to mankind and a clear guidance and judgment (so that mankind will distinguish from right and wrong).." [Surah Baqarah 2:183]. This Ramadhan, Al-Mawaddat Centre shall be organising the first ever Children Hifz Competition. The purpose of the competition is to encourage our children to memorise and learn the pure words of Allah (swt). 

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