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Sarfarazali Chagani Appointed University Ambassador Coordinator

Limkokwing B.Business (Hons) Marketing student, Sarfarazali Chagani of Tanzania has proven himself as a promising leader after having been appointed as the Ambassador Coordinator of Limkokwing University recently. Sarfarazali now leads a team of 45 Ambassadors coordinating all events organised on and off campus. 

Sarfarazali was previously appointed as Ambassador of United Republic of Tanzania in November 2007 and hold this position until today. He was then appointed as an Assistant Ambassador coordinator in 2009. Sarfarazali testifies, "Being an ambassador has taught me immensely about various cultures and their beliefs. I enjoy being an ambassador because I have learned a lot, achieved a great deal of respect and have started to appreciate and love people for their unique abilities. I am grateful to have been given this opportunity to get the maximum exposure and to show my hidden talents."

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Who are University Ambassadors?

Multinational, multi-talented and smartly dressed, they are the elite university Ambassadors.

The Ambassadors are an international group of students appointed by the presidential office, hand-picked to perform specific duties on and off the campus. There is no swearing-in ceremony, but each one of them is morally bound to serve the interests of fellow students, especially newcomers who need help in their adjustment to campus life at Limkokwing.

The Ambassadors receive visitors, brief parents about the course of study and introduce them to campus facilities. They organize cultural activities, play host at important events and take challenges in their stride along with other students on campus. 

Cheerful and zealous, these Ambassadors proudly serve as university guides, event organizers, campus speakers, masters-of-ceremonies, communicators, administrative assistants, researchers and even performers. They are always ready to lend a hand in social, cultural, welfare and education activities. In many respects, they are the gems of the university. 

Their presence is strongly felt-at the marketing department, on stage, among freshies and at important functions. 

Sarfarazali also at the F1 Pit-Stop 

During his stay in Malaysia, Sarfarazali has also involved himself in high profile events such the Formula One Grand Prix Racing that are hosted annually in Malaysia. As an active student, Sarfarazali worked for the BMW Team at the Pit Lane Park near Traders Hotel, Kuala Lumpur in April 2007 as the Pit Stop Challenge Moderator. This Pit Stop Challenge was game open to public in which certain tasks or activities were required to be completed within the 6-second time frame.


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