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Shia Toolkit for Android - Free App (Version 10)

The latest version of Shia Toolkit is uploaded on Google App Store. Following new features are included in this release.

  1. Amaal for Muharram added in Monthly Amaal section.

  2. Nahjul Balagha Audio in English and Urdu (Sermons, Letters & Sayings). Please note that this is audio translation and description. Book format can be found in "Book Library" section.

  3. New section added for "Specific purpose Duas". Current release includes duas and amaal for the following purposes: (More categories will be added in upcoming releases).

    1. Pre Marriage (Spouse selection/Proposals)

    2. To have a Child (Child birth)

    3. Safety of child and mother (During pregnancy)

    4. Amaal during Pregnancy (1st - 9th month)

    5. Duas for Aqiqa

    6. Dua for Children Safety and Upbringing

P.S. The new version is updated on Android App Market, if you have the current version installed then the new version would be automatically updated, in case if it doesn’t auto update, you can always do it manually by searching “Shia Toolkit” on app market or click on this link to download.

Snapshots of new version are as follows:

For more information, please contact:
Muhammed Raza Merchant
Toronto, Canada
Cell: (+1) 416-953-8671
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