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www.almawaddat.org gets a transformation

Al-Mawaddat Centre, Kuala Lumpur wishes the entire muslim community Eid Mubarak on the auspicious occassion of the Eid al-Ghadeer. On this day, we present you with a transformed website and there was no better day than to launch it on Eid al-Ghadeer. According to statistics, over 60% of the websites are accessed on smartphones. While the previous look was modern and with easy navigation for desktop users, there was alot of opportunity for mobile adaptability.

What's New

  • Mobile friendly - This is by far the most improved feature of the website. The website is now resposive to device sizes and therefore, contents layout are automatically rearranged when accessing the website from your mobile device.
  • Main Menu items have been limited to three only - 'Al-Mawaddat Centre', 'Al-Mahdi Madrasah' and 'Resources'. The 'Student's Area', previously seen on the main menu has been replaced with a KSI Student Login module on the home page. This login is for KSI students only who are pursuing tertiary education in Malaysia. The 'Contact Us' page has been replaced by an embedded module on the 'Al-Mawaddat Centre' drop-down menu.
  • Upcoming Events have now been positioned on the left hand side, which is usually what people first glance when accessing a website. Moreover, with a responsive website, the Upcoming Events will show first when some accesses the website from their mobile device.
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