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8 Youth to Share their Iran Experience

8 youth from our community were invited by the World Assembly of Islamic Awakening in Iran to participate in the World Conference of Youth and Islamic Awakening that was held between 29th and 30th January 2012 in Tehran.

Brothers Imran Ilyas, Kumail Haji, Mohammed Hassan, Shehmir Ali, Syed Muhammad Kumail, Syed Tauseef Raza, Syed Muhammad Zeeshan and Sister Ilham Fatima travelled to Iran for 11 days, participated in the conference and took advantage of their trip to visit the Holy cities of Mashhad and Qum and perform the Ziyarat of our Holy Imam Ali ar-Redha ('a) and Holy Lady Fatima Masooma Qum ('a).

They are back and are eager to share their experience with our community. You are invited to a specially organised event that shall take place as follows:

Date : Saturday, 25th February 2012

Time : 11.15am

Venue : Al-Mawaddat Centre, KL

Program Outline that has been made.

11.15am - 11.25am    Hadeeth Al-Kisa
11.25am - 11.30am    Recitation of Holy Quran
11.30am - 11.35am    Qasida
11.35am - 12.35pm    Presentation by 8 Youth on their Iran Experience
                                  1) Shehmir Ali - President Ahmedinejad's Speech
                                  2) Mohamad Hasan Botaj - Imam Khameni's Words of Wisdom
                                  3) Imran Raza - Pre and Post Conference Activities 
                                  4) Syed Tauseef Reza - Milad Tower and Closing Notes of the Conference 
                                  5) Syed Muhammad Zeeshan Rizvi - Visit to Assalouyeh City
                                  6) Syed Muhammad Kumail Rizvi: A Pictorial of our Journey 
                                  7) Kumail MohamedHassan Haji  - The Ziyarat in Qum and Mashhad
                                  8) Ilham Fatima - Status of Women in Islam (Ladies Section Only) 
12.35pm - 12.50pm   Q&A Session
12.50pm - 1.25pm    Break
1.25pm - 1.45pm      Zohrain Salaat
1.45pm                    Lunch

We look forward to see you all.


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