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Ashra-e-Zaynabiyya 1434 Programme

(السلام عليكِ يا زينب كبري، السلام عليكِ يا بنت رسول الله، السلام عليكِ يا بنت اميرالمومنين (ع

With the grace of Almighty Allah (s.w.t.), Al-Mawaddat Centre shall be hosting all ten nights of Ashra-e-Zaynabiyya this year. A separate programme for gents and ladies respectively shall be conducted simultaneously.

Majalis in the ladies section shall be delivered by Resident Mulyani Syeda Fatima Abbas Rizvi. Those ladies who wish to recite the supplications, marsiya, nauha, and ziyarat, please contact Mulyani Syeda Fatima Abbas Rizvi.

The following are the events that have been organised for the Ashra-e-Zaynabiyya 1434 at Al-Mawaddat Centre, Kuala Lumpur. 

Event Day Date
1st Night Monday 24 December 2012
2nd Night Tuesday 25 December 2012
3rd Night Wednesday 26 December 2012
4th Night Thursday 27 December 2012
5th Night Friday 28 December 2012
6th Night Saturday 29 December 2012
7th Night Sunday 30 December 2012
8th Night Monday 31 December 2012
9th Night Tuesday 1 January 2013
Shab-e-Arbaeen Wednesday 2 January 2013
Yawm-e-Arbaeen Thursday  3 January 2013


Programme Line up for Night Events:

7.25pm - 7.45pm      Maghribain Namaaz
7.45pm - 7.50pm      Hadeeth al-Kisa
7.50pm - 7.55pm      Marsiya
7.55pm - 8.55pm      Majlis
8.55pm - 9.00pm      Mataam
9.00pm - 9.05pm      Ziyarat
For events that fall on a Tuesday, an additonal 10 minutes shall be allocated for Dua-e-Tawassul after Hadeeth al-Kisa.
For events that fall on a Thursday, an additional 30 minutes shall be allocated for Surah Yaseen and Dua-e-Kumail after Hadeeth al-Kisa.
An additional 10-15 minutes will be allocated for Mataam on Shab-e-Arbaeen and Yawm-e-Arbaeen 1434.
Weekly announcements will continue to be made.
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