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Children take the stage on Husayn ('a) day

An event to specially honour the young azadar of Shohada-e-Karbala was organized at Al-Mawaddat Centre, Kuala Lumpur on Sunday, 1 Safar 1434 corresponding to 16 December 2012. The event was titled Husayn (‘a) Day with the motto, “There is no life without Husayn (‘a).”

The objective of Husayn (‘a) Day was to give an opportunity to children who have love for Imam Husayn (‘a) to come up and express their love with their beautiful voices through marsia, short lectures and nauha recitations.

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Azadars from as young as 4 years old conducted recitations of Marsia, Short lectures and Nauha. Gents and Ladies had separate programmes respectively, hence children both boys and girls had the opportunity to take the stage.

Gents Section

21 year old Syed Muhammad Zeeshan Rizvi was the Master of Ceremony in the gents section who conducted the entire programme. Between each of the recitations, he presented a quatrain from the poem “There is no life without Husayn (‘a)”. The complete poem can be found later in this article. 

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The programme began with Hadith al-Kisa recited by 12 year old Mohammed Hussein Ali. Mohammed Hussein also recited a Marsia, a short lecture in praise of Imam Husayn (‘a), and a Nauha.

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Mesum Abbas, 12, Husnain Bhojani, 13, Syed Muhammad Ausaja Rizvi, 12, and Asif Zaidi, 26, illuminated the day with various Marasia. However, it was very inspiring to see Syed Daniyal Hassan Zaidi, only 4 years old, recite a Manqabat on Imam Husayn (‘a). Mehdi Raza, 8, Shemir Ali, 16, and Muhammad Hasan Botaj, 25, gave various short lectures in relation to the event of Karbala.

Name Age Recitation
Muhammad Hussain 12 Hadith al-Kisa,
Marsia (karbala ke janisaron ko salam),
Speech (Imam Hussain a.s),
Nauha (Sakina a.s utho, meri jaan utho).
Mesum Abbas 12 Marsia (kia meri zakari hai).
Husnain Bhojani 13 Marsia (piasi hay Sakina a.s, bohat rou chuki hai Sakina a.s),
Nauha (amma Fizza a.s).
Syed Daniyal Hassan Zaidi 4 Manqabat (Dar e Shabbir a.s pay janay say baqa milti hay)
Mehdi Raza 8 Speech (Hazrat Aun a.s Hazrat Muhammad a.s).
Syed Muhammad Ausaja Rizvi 12 Marsia (aapki khidmat mei Maula),
Nauha (Akber mera pyara tha).
Dawood Jaffry 11 Nauha (Saadat e Karbala).
Shehmir Ali 16 Speech (Hussaniat and yazidiat).
Asif Zaidi 26 Marsia (Pyaar ka sahil hay MaaN).
Muhammad Hasan Botaj 25 Speech (Maqsad e Azadari).

To watch the video of the Husayn (‘a) Day – Gents Section, please click on the following link: http://youtu.be/VZ1cpwXd0BE 


Ladies Section

In the ladies section, ten children of ages 15 and under, with the mean age of 6.5 years conducted various recitations. Resident Mulyani Syeda Fatima Abbas Rizvi (Bibiji) was the Master of Ceremony. Between each of the recitations the children performed, Bibiji would give a short explanation about the subject in respect of the recitation and would give short lesson on Islamic Fiqh to the children. 

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Anna Batool, 5, Sabika Zainab, 5, Zahra Somji, 5, Izmah Fatima, 6, Hayat Zahra, 6 and Daanya Aga, 7, melted the hearts of the ladies with their group recitation of the manqabat “Allah Ek Hai, Panjatan Paanch Hai…”. Zehra Jaffry, 14, Farwa Bhojani, 14, Saaniya Zehra, 15, were among the young reciters of Marasia and were encouraged by their elders, their role models, including Siddika Dossa, Mariam Naqvi, Erum Zain, and Zamena Somji with various Marasia.

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Sabeeka Aga, 15, presented her short speech about Yazid and his corrupt nature enlightening the children that indeed if we love Imam Husayn (‘a), we have to hate his enemies and their attributes. She discussed various negative traits of Yazid which we are not to follow as lovers of the Ahlul Bayt (‘a). Siddika Dossa spoke about the lessons learnt from Karbala. She discussed on ten lessons highlighting how they are applicable in our lives today. Indeed, there is no life without Husayn (‘a).

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After a short masaaib by Bibiji on the atrocities that befell on the Ahlul Bayt (‘a) of Imam Husayn (‘a) in Shaam, Zahra Somji, Hayat Zahra and Daanya Aga recited various nauha making their parents proud of their achievement.

Name Age Recitation
Anna Batool 5

Manqabat (Allah ek hai…)
Nauha (Akbar mera pyaara tha) – Lead by Zahra Somji
Nauha (Pyaare Nabi ki) – Lead by Hayat Zahra 
Nauha (Ya Hussein) – Lead by Daanya Aga

Sabika Zainab 5
Zahra Somji 5
Izmah Fatima 6
Hayat Zahra 6
Daanya Aga 7
Zehra Jaffry 14 Marsia
Farwa Bhojani 14 Marsia (Bohot rochuki Sakina)
Saaniya Zehra 15
Sabeeka Aga 15 Speech (Yazid, the corrupt leader)
Siddika Mohamedraza 20 Hadith al-Kisa,
Marsia (Akbar tujhe malum hai kya) Speech (Lessons from Karbala)
Mariam Naqvi 26 Marsia (Banu ka ye nauha tha)
Erum Zain 29 Marsia (Ya Zahra)
Zamena Somji 31 Marsia (Jab tak jiyenge ehle haram ka aza manaenge)

To watch the video of Husayn (‘a) Day – Ladies Section, please click on the following link: http://youtu.be/zrDY583Gpl0 



There is no life without Hussain (a.s)!

How can we live without Hussain (a.s)?

Our dars gaah (university) is Karbala

Our whole world is within Aaza

There is no life without............


Hussain (a.s) you are the light of my eyes

And with your name I start to rise

And then I start to shed a tear

For what occured Hussain (a.s) my dear

There is no life without............


Hussain before I go to sleep

I start to cry, I start to weep

And then I face your Holy Shrine

So you will forgive me of my crime

There is no life..............


From birth to death I shall insist 

That I love you, I shall persist

You are my guide, you are the light

You show me the path, which is right

There is no life.....................


I am not afraid I am not shy

To shout you name until I die

For what I know is that you are

The greatest man the brightest star

There is no life...............


I hope with you I can remain 

For your path is a narrow lane

For your path is the most straight

You shall guide us to the right gate

There is no life..................


If my life ever terminates 

Make sure before, i see Hussain

For we will ask him to intercede

For every bad and evil deed

There is no life..............


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