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Comfort Aid International Founder & CEO, Br. Yusufali visits KSISAM

Kuala Lumpur, 15 October 2009

On a South East Asian tour with his family, Br. Yusufali visited the Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri Students at Malaysia (KSISAM) in Kuala Lumpur and conducted a thought provoking presentation on the poverty and atrocities on the shia men, women and children of Afghanistan.

 Organised on Thursday, 15th October 2009, eve of 26th Shawaal 1430, at Al Mawaddat Centre Kuala Lumpur, the event, which was also held in conjunction with the first Dua-e-Kumail gathering and Wafat Majlis of Imam Jaffer Sadiq (A.S), the event attracted a good turn out of students and visitors.

On a powerpoint presentation, Br. Yusufali showed several heart-throbbing photographs of young innocent suffering children, orphans of some 7000 widows whose husband were killed by some fanatic groups. He spoke about the problems such widows and orphans face which included very basic needs such as water, decent shelters, education and economic upliftment.

He then discussed on what Comfort Aid International, a US and Afghani registered charitable and more importantly “admin fee-free” organisation has been doing since its founding 14 years ago. As a founder and now the CEO, Br. Yusufali stressed the importance on understanding and being aware of what our oppressed Shia brothers are facing around the world, be it in Afghanistan, Iraq or the likes.

The Students were very much taken a back by the presentation as many of them later discussed with Br. Yusufali of having the first time being exposed to such information. Western-controlled media do not show this on TV and we are therefore thankful to Br. Yusufali for enlightening us with such knowledge.

We pray to Allah (S.W.T) to grant Br. Yusufali and his team with tawfiq and strength to continue to serve for Allah (S.W.T) by helping the victims and the oppressed brothers and sisters of our Shia world. It is very important that all our brothers and sister be informed of such facts and we believe Br. Yusufali message must reach out to our community around the world and Muslims at large.

Know what is happening in Afghanistan. Know what Comfort Aid International is doing to help curb the problems. Know that you can help, if not financially that at least by prayers. Subscribe now to Comfort Aid International’s newsletter by visiting their website at www.comfortaid.org.


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