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Eid-ul-Fitr 1431 Celebrations at Al-Mawaddat Centre, Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, 10 September 2010

On the festive Friday, 10th September 2010, marked the 1st of Shawwal 1431AH for the Muslims in Malaysia, and hence celebrated under the well-known banner of Eid-ul-Fitr, marking the end of the fasting period, and a time for Muslims to rejoice over their accomplishment.

At Al-Mawaddat Centre, an Eid program was organized by and for the Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri Students at Malaysia (KSISAM) and the small KSI community in Malaysia who patronize the centre year round with weekly and occasional religious gatherings.

Beginning the day with an early and bright rising, students began arriving at the centre in time for the first part of the Eid Programme. As the clock struck 10.00am, Dua-e-Nudbah, the supplication dedicated to the Imam of our Time (ATFS), was recited by Omani-origin brothers Mohamed Murtaza and Ali Murtaza.

After the heart rendering and rousing supplication, everyone gathered to recite the Eid Takbir, one of the highly recommended Eid rituals. From a corner of Malaysia, a call was sent out to the Almighty, as calls of “Allahu Akbar” rang out throughout the centre. This was followed by an inspiring Khutbah on the importance of ‘Salaah’ as a pillar of Islam and the most important means of worship by Br. Mohamed Kumail Kassam, who then led the Salaat-ul-Eid, while the students and other attendees stood shoulder to shoulder in congregation and brotherhood.

Brother congregating for Salaatul Eid-ul-Fitr

As the prayer concluded, everyone rose and exchanged the traditional Eid embraces and handshakes with smiles glowing on every face. Immediately thereafter, attention was called by Master of Ceremony (the emcee), Br. Shahid Allidina, who commenced the main program of the day. As per the Islamic protocol, the invocation to the Almighty by the recitation of the Holy Quran, Br. Hussein Karim was honoured to recite the few verses and bless the occasion.

The emcee then invited KSISAM Chief Coordinator, Br. Mohamed Kumail to address the audience with a few words. It was indeed a few words as he gave the honour and privilege to Lead Student Volunteer, Br. Ali Salim, one of the most dedicated volunteers, and who has also lately been nicknamed “mukhi”, to deliver the Eid Speech. After his opening remarks congratulating all present, Br. Ali presented a brief account of the achievements of KSISAM with the progress made in their activities at the centre. Among others were, increase in student participation in supplications, students delivering lectures and presentations, and the construction, or rather, re-construction project of the Fateful Event of 

Karbala. Termed as “Safar-e-Azam”, or the journey of utmost significance, the project, paying tribute to the martyrs and captives of Karbala, illustrated the journey of Imam Hussein (AS) and his Ahlul Bayt from Medina to Karbala, Kufa, Shaam and the return leg.

Br. Ali commended the efforts of all students who took part in such eventful activities, progressed in their participation, and expressed the gratefulness of the Advisory, Hussein Uncle and Saida Aunty for their overwhelming support. He also acknowledged their extensive sacrifice in keeping the centre and its activities alive. It was a speech that inspired the students to seek to contribute more towards the centre and develop it as we move ahead. 

In his concluding remarks, Br. Ali proudly unveiled yet another achievement by KSISAM, by launching the Al-Mawaddat Video Channel on YouTube. Accessible at http://www.youtube.com/almawaddat, it is your video gallery to lectures, presentations and activities conducted by the students at Al-Mawaddat Centre.

The launch was succeeded by a special multimedia presentation portraying the achievements of KSISAM over the last one year. The video, available for viewing at the video channel, was truly inspiring, showing the dedication, effort and achievement of the students. Hearts were warmed and faces glowed as the presentation came to an end, and the agenda was nearing completion.

But there was one more special item before the main program was complete. Eid is a festive occasion for all Muslims overall, but this Eid-ul-Fitr was more special for Al-Mawaddat centre, for not only was it the rejoicing Eid day, but it also marked one year of the existence of the centre, at its current location. Surely a milestone achieved and a proud moment for all those present.

Convenor of Al-Mawaddat Centre, Alhaj Hussein uncle Kassam, was given the honour to cut the cake, in celebration of the first Anniversary. Salawaat echoed off the walls as everyone rose to witness this moment. Everyone then had a slice of cake to enjoy. Zuhr time descended and the Adhan was called. Again, in congregation, Salaah was conducted and as it is an Eid custom, lunch was thereafter served. Volunteers got active, laying down the sufra, serving the mouth-watering traditional biryani, and with the occasional outbursts of joyful laughter and a festive mood all around, everyone enjoyed nourishing themselves and thanked the Lord for his bounties.

Finally, the program had come to an end, and with goodbye embraces and handshakes this time, people began leaving the centre in the afternoon. An overall successful event and by the grace of the Almighty, a blessed one too. 

May the Almighty aid Al-Mawaddat to develop more and more, and bless the people who contribute in their own special ways.  

The KSI Community in Malaysia

KSISAM and the KSI Community in Malaysia wishes all the muslim “Salaam Eid-u-Fitr Al-Mubarak”. Videos of the Eid Khutbah, Eid Speech and the Multimedia Presentation are viewable at the Al-Mawaddat Video Channel. For more information, please visit www.almawaddat.org



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