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KSI Students experiencing Muharram 1434 in Malaysia

Al-Mawaddat Centre, KL for the first time organised all twelve nights of Muharram Majlis-e-Azaa this year. It was also the first time a Zakir was invited from overseas to deliver the Majalis. Three students, Sajjad Sajan, Siddika Dossa and Mehreen Kermali share their personal experiences of commemorating all twelve nights.

Brother Sajjad Sajan of Arusha, Tanzania writes...

Salaam alaikumI have been in Malaysia for 2 years now doing my degree in Engineering at University. By the grace of the Almighty I was able to attend the whole Ashra-e-Muharram programs organized at Al-Mawaddat centre, Kuala Lumpur. This year, the Ashra was very educative as we had a Zakir from India with whom we could directly relate to after each Majlis if we had any questions regarding the majlis or on any other topic. I believe it was great to have a Zakir come because it created a more illuminated (ronakh) atmosphere at the center. The lectures were very enlightening, educative and moral boosting. One of my best experiences was staying overnight on the Shab-e-Ashura as we, the youths, helped out to prepare for the next day program, i.e. Yawm-e-Ashura. May Allah (s.w.t.) grant the convenors of Al-Mawaddat Centre, Uncle Hussein and Aunty Saida with tawfiq and strength to continue doing their great work and helping us students keep our faith in check.
Sister Siddika Dossa of Daresalaam, Tanzania writes...
Salaamun Alaikum. I am Siddika Dossa and am in my final year studying Accounting & Finance at Taylors University. Indeed, we, students here in Malaysia, were blessed to have come across the opportunity of attending majalis for the first 10 nights of Moharram on a continuous daily basis at Al-Mawaddat Centre. Mawlana Munawar Abbas Kumaili had come from India, and his majalis were beneficial to all of us. Being university students, sometimes it would get pretty hectic with attending majalis every day, as well as volunteering with the tasks at the Centre, at the same time managing studies and assignments. Nevertheless, there was no way to neglect such an opportunity that students hardly get. Alhamdolellah, what kept us moving on was the faith retaining in our hearts that as we attend the Azaadari of Imam Husayn (a.s), in return, we would certainly get help in all our work from the Shohada-e-Kerbala, Bibi Fatema (a.s) and Imam Zaman (atfs). Besides, farshe azaa in itself is an open university where the most valuable treasures of knowledge are given out for free! Muharram 1434 in KL was a great experience to me! I thank Allah (s.w.t) to have blessed us with an opportunity where we can come to the centre and do Azaadari, and may He bless the family who runs this centre and give them the strength to continue doing so in future. Ameen.
Sister Mehreen Kermali of Daresalaam, Tanzania writes... 

Salaamun Alaikum. I am Mehreen Kermali and am in 1st year of studying Interactive Multiemdia Design at Taylors University. Muharram 1434 was quite different this year in Malaysia. We students are very grateful to have the pleasure of attending majalis for all the 12 days of muharram at Al-Mawaddat Centre. It was also a pleasure of having Mawlana Munawar Abbas coming from India to share his knowledge about the epic life of Imam Husayn (a.s.) with us which was very inspiring. We thank Al-Mawddat centre for having provided us with all the facilities to mourn the Drastic events of Kerbala, despite being away from home. Indeed Allah shall grant the family who runs the centre their reward in this world and hearafter. Ameen.

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