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KSISAM Contributes towards displaced victims of Kenya`

Nakuru, Kenya, 4 February 2008

The Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri Student Association Malaysia (KSISAM) contributed KSH 25,000 to the displaced victims of the recent violence in Kenya. The funds comprised of an allocation from the association’s welfare funds account, the fund raising programme that was held between 8th and 12th Muharram 1429, and Sadaqa received from the students.


It has been reported that there are thousands of innocent civilians who have fled the western coast of Kenya after their homes were destroyed during the recent violence that has affected several parts of country. Most of those affected are women and children. When KSISAM received the news of such tragic situations, the association took up the initiative to provide basic necessities of food, clothing, shelter and medicine to such victims who have been relocated to a relatively safe location in the Rift Valley province.

ks3Having previously raised a significant amount of funds from students for the welfare of the association, KSISAM decided to allocate these funds towards the said contribution. In addition, the first-ever fund raising programme was organized and took place between the 8th and 12th Muharram 1429 AH. Contributors during the 5 nights included both students and visitors. Students who had collected Sadaqa over the past months also decided to sendthe Sadaqa money as contribution towards the said cause.


A total of Ringgit Malaysia 1,190.00, equivalent to Kenya Shillings 25,000.00 were sent to Kenya to Sister Fehmida Hassan Fazal of Nakuru who willingly assisted KSISAM by making the necessary distribution arrangements of food, medicine, sanitary items, utensils, etc to the displaced victims.

KSISAM wishes to extend its sincere thanks to all its members and contributors for the contributions they have made however small or large, and also thanks Sister Fehmida Fazal for taking care of the logistics to ensure that the funds were distributed effectively on behalf of KSISAM.

"They feed with food the needy wretch, the orphan, and the prisoner, for love of Him, saying, 'We wish for no reward nor thanks from you.'" – The Holy Qur'an: 76.8-9

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