Important Notes

Emergency Numbers
Police & Ambulance : 999
Fire Brigade : 994
Accidents / Natural Disasters : 991

Drug Abuse

As mentioned in several spots throughout the site, illegal substances such as drugs are dealt with severe penalties from lengthy jail sentences to execution. Malaysian law states that all drug offenders are treated equally, in fact a number of foreigners have been convicted and sentenced to death for possession of drugs, regardless of quantity. Remember, you are a long way from home with far fewer rights than you think - best to behave and be a gracious guest.


Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur are relatively safe however there are always petty criminals lurking in any city. Whilst rare things do disappear from time to time, so do keep an eye on your belongings. Use common sense and take the same precautions that you would when visiting any large international city (Women should carry their purse across the shoulder, don't leave your pocketbook, briefcase or camera unattended while you visit the buffet at a busy restaurant, don't count your money in the open, stay on well lit and trafficked streets at night, always keep your valuables in the in-room safe or hotel safety box and so on).


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